Diablo 2/LoD Digital Download Cd key issues?

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Diablo 2/LoD Digital Download Cd key issues?

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Under my games on my account info here on battle.net it has both diablo 2 and the expansion marked as "registered" and has a 26 character "game key". Well I wanted to download the digital version and play, I assumed the "game key" was the cd key I could use to play the digital download seeing as how it says I registered them both. But when I downloaded diablo 2 and it asked for a cd key I entered the game key and it says "wrong cd key" or whatever the cd key error says. I deleted/reinstalled still didn't work, waited 15 mins. Didn't work. Can I play d2 at all? Or is the game key not a cd key at all?

Please help.

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