Customized Protective Gloves

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Customized Protective Gloves

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nylon and emulsion
Wear-resistant and non-slip
Anti-cutting tear resistance
Comfortable and smart
Waterproof antifouling
Dry sweat
mainly used gardening,housework,Mechanical operation,Traffic maintenance,Mechanical equipment and maintenance,Construction industry and so on .
It has three touchscreen fingers
It is made of acrylic fabric, soft and comfortable
Pure colors match with clothes easily,and many colors for your choice
Quick drying, Tight Weave, Resilient and retains shape
Both hand wash and machine wash will be absolutely fine
High temperature resistant material
(1) Novoloid, a new high-tech synthetic fiber that is non-melting, flame resistant and temperature resistant, resistant to temperatures up to 1100 ° C, soft and comfortable, and resistant to many chemical attacks, even after repeated washes Its high temperature performance.
(2) Kevlar - is a widely used aromatic synthetic fiber, not only cut resistant, but also high temperature damage.
(3) Aluminized material - radiant heat resistant to higher temperatures.
(4) leather - if kept dry, has good low temperature resistance, while its non-melting, non-burning features make it often used to make welding gloves.
(5) Cotton - a natural material that protects against high and low temperatures. However, due to meet the protection requirements, gloves made thicker, flexibility is not good enough.
when the color number to provide guests, we have to dye.
Customized Protective Gloves

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